Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Buddy! Buddy is a 2 year old purebred, male boxer. What a beautiful boy!  He apparently hasn’t been anyone’s “buddy” for a very long time.  His owner had allowed him to run and roam freely.  Buddy had been chasing some livestock and was shot! Please note the tell tale pic below….. If Buddy wasn’t surrendered someone had vowed to shoot him again, this time throwing him in a trashbag and putting him out like garbage!  Buddy was surrendered and is absolutely terrified.  Buddy’s foster had to carry him outside just to potty because this poor guy was so frightened! His foster home is doing wonders with him.  After only a few days, Buddy now will quickly run outside with his foster mom to potty and then run right back inside.

We hear people say now and then, “I can’t go on your website, sometimes the bios are so sad.”  Well, actually they are.  Animal Cruelty and Neglect are very real. We all would rather not see either exist. However, the simple fact is….They Do!  That being said, Fassa’s Friends does rescue some of the most challenging cases. We rescue the Angel’s, the Emalyn’s, Nugget’s and Buddy’s of the boxer world. First and foremost, we do this because these medically needy dogs deserve as much of a chance at happiness and normalcy as any other. We also rescue the very challenging cases to educate. Dogs with such horrid pasts make phenomenal family members…..just ask Angel’s adopted Dad; just ask Emalyn’s adopted family; just ask Nugget’s adopted Mom and Dad.  So please, when thinking of rescuing a dog from either Fassa’s Friends or elsewhere, don’t bypass the animals that just may need you the most. O.K. that being said, we’ll move on.

Buddy was shot in July and again as you can see in the picture, this wound wasn’t properly treated.  The  bullet appears to have gone straight through but not before leaving some fragments.  Buddy will most likely need to have these fragments  surgically removed.  As if this isn’t enough, poof Buddy is heartworm positive and will have to undergo heartworm treatment. In anticipation of this, please keep an eye on our website as to how you can help Buddy and honor your own pet at the same time.
Because Buddy is Fassa’s newest friend and because he is so frightened, it will take some time to learn more about him. If you think you’d like to meet Buddy, please complete an application that is found under the Adoption tab at the top of the page.  Buddy will no doubt make a great family member…..just as Angel, Emalyn and Nugget have. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at