We’d like to introduce Jayden! He has now come into his own….weighing in at 45 lbs. as opposed to his 21 lbs. when first rescued. Jayden appears to be a purebred boxer.  His Southern foster home and Pa. foster home have done a tremendous job! Jayden is a happy, and healthy 8 month old pup, that loves everyone!  His foster home includes 2 small older dogs and a larger boxer mix.  Jayden’s older 4-legged fosters are not very playful and when Jayden approaches them, they sometimes snarl. Jayden just backs up and moves onto something or someone else.  He is not at all phased. He is, on the other hand, very engaging with the boxer mix who enjoys interacting with him.  They are great together!   Jayden is housebroken and walks very well on leash.  In the course of a walk, Jayden’s path crossed with  a couple pushing a baby carraige.  Jayden sat right down, and seemed to be expecting a few OOH’s and AHHH’s.  When the couple passed by without a word, Jayden appeared quite perplexed!  Jayden shows very little interest in chasing birds and squirrels.

 Jayden’s foster home also includes two teenagers that he just adores.  He does well in his crate and sleeps quietly throughout the night.  Jayden is a quick learner.  He jumped on the sofa once, and when corrected with a firm NO, he jumped to the floor and has not been on the furniture since!  Jayden has not exhibited any food aggression at all, despite his earlier signs of emaciation.  He takes treats gently from your hand.  Jayden knows “sit, come and No.” Jayden is a snuggler when play time is over as he enjoys being close to his people. Jayden is up to date on his vaccines, and will be neutered 12/7/11.

If you would like to provide this happy-go-lucky little guy the home he truly deserves, please complete an adoption application at the top of this page, under the Adoptions tab.  Jayden is ready to move on to the next phase of his life which is to find his very own fur-ever home.  If you are an approved home, simply call (856) 889-0832 in order to schedule a meet and greet! Jayden is a smart, handsome little boxer boy  that will provide his new home with lots of love and laughs…..there is no better combination than that!