Emalyn 12-17-11

UPDATE 12/18/11-Emalyn’s pups are now 5  weeks old.  They will be ready to move into their fur-ever homes on January 8, 2012. They, along with Emalyn are doing wonderfully! We are proud to post for the first time anywhere…Emalyn’s exceptional litter. See the updated pic of Emalyn and new pics of her litter are below.  In order to adopt one of Emalyn’s pups, the following are required:

1.  a physical fence along with a committment to puppy classes are mandatory.

All of the puppies tails have been docked. If you are interested in adopting Emalyn or one of her pups, please click on the Adoption tab at the top of the page and complete and Adoption Application. If you are an approved home, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com or call us at 856-889-0832 to schedule a time to choose the puppy that is right for you. A $125 non-refundable deposit is due when you choose your puppy. This deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee of $350  when you sign the adoption contract. A warm and hearty Thanks to all of you that have donated to this little family and for all of your prayers and well-wishes.

Ebony-female 5 weeks old

Elsie-female 5 weeks old ADOPTION PENDING

Esther-female 5 weeks old- ADOPTION PENDING

Eddie-male 5 weeks old-ADOPTION PENDING

Eli-male 5 weeks old- ADOPTION PENDING

Elvis-male 5 weeks old - ADOPTION PENDING

Eva-female 5 weeks old- ADOPTION PENDING

UPDATE 12/3/11-Emalyn had her pups on 11/11/11  (pups pics will be posted next weekend for all to see) and is doing fantastic.  She is eating lots of goodies such as cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, puppy kibble, boiled chicken and rice and ground beef with rice….quite a fitting menu for such a great little Mom!  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it is taking all of us to raise Emalyn and her family.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers, donations and support!

Emalyn 11/2/11

Emalyn is a happy little Mother.  She enjoys some time away from her pups in order to do the kidney bean, and go for a short trott outside.  She also enjoys snuggling with her human fosters while her “kids” are sleeping.  She occassionally chases a toy for a short distance now and then.  She is getting plenty of rest as well.  Emalyn is current on her vaccines and will be spayed when the vet feels she is ready.  For right now, though, she is just enjoying plenty to eat, nursing her pups, and of course her alone time with her foster family getting the love and one on one time of which she is so, so deserving!  Emalyn is housebroken and walks well on a leash.  She is crate trained. Emalyn prefers a dimly lit room at night. Her foster family leaves the closet light on for her at night.  She has not exhibited one sign of protective behavior.  She is being fostered with 3 other dogs, however she and her pups are separated by a baby gate.  Emalyn sees the  other dogs however has had little reaction.  Emalyn’s sweet demeanor and little family have captured the hearts of all who meet her.  She is a very, very special girl, and deserves the most special home.  If you are the home that would like to welcome this amazing girl into your  life, and can give her the love she will give to you, please complete an adoption application that can be found under the adoption tab at the top of the page. She is a beautiful purebred boxer with a beautiful heart! She is waiting for the right home to start the next phase of her life, the phase where she is finally babied rather than continually having babies! Stay tuned for updated pics of Emalyn and her Exceptional family! 


 Please meet Emalyn. Emalyn is roughly two years old. She has a docked tail and natural ears. Clearly, as evidenced by her emaciated state, this little beautiful boxer girl has had a difficult past.  We were asked by our friends in the south if we could rescue Emalyn. We, along with our contact had been emailed small pics of both of them behind the kennel door.  We offered our assistance. The next morning our contact went to the shelter and was extremely upset by what she saw.  She saw an extremely emaciated Emalyn with what appeared to be her four month old pup, Jayden.  Both were in worse shape than she could have imagined. She whisked them off to the vet for immediate treatment. Emalyn upon further examination was found to be not only severly emaciated, but also pregnant….a surprise to us all! Our Southern friends sprung into action.  Before she left the vet’s office with Emalyn and Jayden, she had a foster home for them. Emalyn as per the vet’s exam will probably be delivering in a week and a half to two weeks. Again our Southern friends flew into motion and Emalyn will be in NJ this weekend. 

Because of you we are able to rescue some of the most needy dogs, dogs such as Emalyn, that would have surely been euthanized! Thank you for your support.