Meet Fassa’s friend, Jaxson.  Jaxson is a 4 year old purebred Boxer with a docked tail and natural ears.  Jaxson spent most of his life secured by a heavy chain, to a tree.  Because this tree was near a highway, Jaxson was able to see the lucky dogs being driven by their caring humans on various outings.  When Jaxson had enough, he broke loose and roamed the neighborhood, at which time animal control was called and Jaxson landed in the shelter.  Jaxson has learned to sit, shake, lay down stay and fetch in just a short period of time.  He is a very quick learner and is always willing to please.  Please click on the facebook icon on the right of the previous page to view Jaxson’s training video and you will see what we mean! Jaxson is neutered and current on his vaccines.  He has also learned to walk well on a leash and loves his walks.  He is an exuberant guy that at 4, is finally learning that life is fun!  Jaxson would rather be the only male canine in his family. He is also choosey about his female friends. He especially likes females that allow him to be top dog. Jaxson is actually happy as an only dog too, and who can blame him after such a life for 4 years! 

 If you would like to be by Jaxson’s side, showing and doing the fun things in life with him, please complete an application under our Adoption tab. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us a