11/15/11-Great News!  Angel is now ready for adoption.  We are all very grateful for her wonderful foster home.  They have provided Angel with the care and love necessary to complete her heartworm treatment successfully. In her foster home there is a foster brother and sister therefore she clearly gets along with small dogs.  Recap: Angel was seized by animal control as she was severely emaciated due to neglect. She is roughly 1 to 2 years old. She is housebroken and will enter a crate, though reluctantly. Angel’s favorite past time on nice days is to roll in the grass.  She has grown into one beautiful boxer girl as you can see from her recent photos.  Now she’s ready to move to the next phase of her life….a loving fur-ever home she can call her own.  As you can see from her before pictures, she clearly deserves one.  If you’re that home that is willing and able to provide our little Angel with her very own loving family, please complete an adoption application under the adoption tab on our website.  If you have already done so and are an approved home, please contact us either by email or telephone 856-889-0832 to let us know so that she can meet you.    

11/3/11- Many have been following Angel from the day she was rescued.  We have received many emails, all wishing her well.  We have received many donations for her, all of which have been and will continue to be used for her hw treatment and spay.  Everyone of you have played a huge part in Angel’s recovery.   On behalf of our Angel we would like to thank you all.  Angel’s terrific foster home has been instrumental in “packing on her pounds.” These updated pics were taken 2 weeks ago and at Angel’s vet visit last week she has gone from 30 lbs to 57 lbs! They have also been keeping her restricted which is not easy for a boxer, but was necessary for heartworm treatment recovery. She has 3 more weeks of restricted activity before she can gradually increase her level to that of a normal boxer! Our Diamond in the Rough, is now a Diamond! Just look at her new pics! 








If you would like to welcome Angel into your home as a new family member and have not already completed an application, please click on the Adoption tab at the top of the page and fill out the Adoption Application. If you have any questions, please email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com or call us at (856) 889-0832.

 9/26/11-Update: We have added “On the Wings of Angels” for those who have donated or would like to donate to Angel’s medical expenses.  A donation of $20 or more will purchase a pair of Angel Wings in memory of your beloved pet, or in recognition of your pet or family. (Click here to visit the Wings of Angels Page) If you would like to donate using PayPal, please put the name you would like on the wings, in the notes section. If you would like to donate using a check, again, please put the name exactly how you would like it to appear on the wings and mail your check to Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue, PO Box 8763, Turnersville, NJ 08012.  Only on the Wings of Angels, did Angel make it to rescue alive.  To all of the heavenly and earthly angels on the Wings of Angels Page, Thank you for helping this one little Angel get well so that she can find her own terrific fur-ever home, one she has obviously not had before she was rescued!  Thanking you in advance, Angel and Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue

 Angel’s heartwrenching Story: Angel has the face of an angel, yet a body that was withering away at the hands of a cruel and neglectful owner. As disturbing as these pictures are, please don’t turn away. Angel needs all of our help!  She is a pure bred boxer weighing only 30 lbs., less than half of what she should weigh! She is heartworm positive, and has a secondary skin infection which was caused by severe flea infestationnot to mention, she’ll need to be spayed once her other medical issues are resolved! She is estimated to between 1 and 2 years old. When we saw Angel’s pictures and read her story, we didn’t hesitate for one minute to bring her into Fassa’s Friends.  After all, how could we call ourselves a rescue if we didn’t rescue a dog that is in such dire need of help?  

We are sure, these heartwrenching pictures will bring tears to your eyes just as they did all of ours. Angel is being fostered by one of Fassa’s Friends in the south, until she is medically able to make the 11 hour trip to NJ. Our Southern friends are also transporting her to and from the vet down south for us, so that we can begin addressing her medical needs immediately. Even though Angel has physically suffered from severe neglect at the hands of a human being (and we use that term lightly), she is very forgiving. As Angel’s Southern foster mom emails us updates, Angel is standing up on those skinny hindlegs just wanting to touch and be touched, attempting to sit on her lap. We are of course in awe of this wondering how she is able to stand at all, let alone stand on just her hind legs! Angel is being fed several small meals a day because of her emaciated state, and everytime she hears kibble hit the bowl, she gets extremely excited! We are asking for donations for Angel. Playing a part in saving this little Angel would be I’m sure, one of your most rewarding experiences.   Thanking you in advance for your support, Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue