Meet Fassa’s Friends and Sassy’s Brothers; Spot, Smokey Scooby and Scrappy!

Scooter and Spot

They along with their sister Sassy (see Sassy’s bio) came from the South.  They were found in the woods with their Mom Sophie.  They are now 10 weeks old and are developing their very own personalities.  Spot and Scooby certainly enjoy play and at this point feel they would be most happy romping in a home with another dog or dogs.

Smokey is your quintessential “Lovebug” puppy.  He just wants to be with people and be pet.  Scrappy is the smallest of the litter and the “Playful Lovebug.”  He is all about playing when engaged in play, yet as soon as you pick him up, he is all about relaxing on your lap to be pet.

As with all of Fassa’s young puppy friends, the following are required to adopt one of the puppies; 1. a physical fence; 2. medium to large dog experience and ; 3. a commitment to attend a basic puppy training course.

Spot-Smokey-Scrappy & Sassy

All of our puppies have had their first regimen of vaccines.  They will be receiving their second set of puppy vaccines on Saturday 7/16/11. Once they received their second set of vaccines, they are eligible for adoption. If you feel you would be a great match for one of our puppies, please complete an adoption application under the adoptions tab at the top of our web page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 856 889-0832.  If you would like us to respond, please leave a voice mail message only.

Where are our fur-ever homes??????