Meet Fassa’s Friend, Cassie.  She is a 3 year old white Boxer mix, with a full blown Boxer  personality.  All Cassie wants to do is play.  Her little hips and tail are constantly wiggling from side to side, so quickly, when she is in the presence of other dogs, that she almost topples over!  This is one easy-going happy girl despite her condition before rescue.

Cassie made her way to New Jersey from the south. Down South, Cassie had wandered into someone’s backyard and collapsed!  She was severely emaciated, and infested with fleas.  When animal control responded to this call, they believed Cassie was dead.  Low and behold though, our little Cassie had a bit of life left in her…enough to get her to a shelter, and enough to win the hearts and sympathy of the shelter personnel to perform an emergency spay for an infection. When Fassa’s Friends heard of this little girls determination to live despite all odds, we just had to help. A foster home in the South fostered Cassie until transportation was arranged for her, and what a fine foster home it was.

Cassie’s problems had continued.  She tested positive for heartworm. Cassie has successfully completed heartworm treatment.  If you would like  make a donation to Cassie’s medical expenses, please feel free to do so through the pay pal on our site or send a check to Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue, Inc. , PO Box 8763, Turnersville, NJ. 08012.  Please keep in mind ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AND DEEPLY APPRECIATED! She has been on restricted activity which is required after heartworm treatment and has a remaining two weeks remaining on restriction before she can gradually increase her activity level.  Cassie quickly became a favorite with our vet’s staff, turning on those big sad eyes in order to get more petting time.  She is just one silly Boxer mix girl. Cassie is one 43 lb. little girl loaded with nothing but kisses, wiggles and playfulness. Cassie is absolutely fantastic with other dogs, large or small…..male or female.  Please click “Girls want to have fun” to see  Cassie in action!!   VIDEO: Girls want to have fun

Please help Cassie continue her journey to the life she so truly deserves.  Cassie’s will to live, brought her to this point so let’s not let her down now!    Cassie will be ready to enter an adoptive home in 3 weeks. If you are the home for this little bundle of fun, please complete an application at the top of our web page, under adoptions. If you have any questions regarding Cassie, please feel free to email or call us at 856 889-0832.