Bella is a stunningly beautiful 2 year old Boxer girl.  She was surrendered to Fassa’s Friends because her elderly owner couldn’t physically provide the exercise every young, high energy boxer needs. Her owner, in her 90’s, also didn’t have the endurance needed to teach Bella basic commands. As a result, Bella only knows “sit,” and only responds on occasion. She enjoys her walks, yet she does pull somewhat.  Bella is just your typical energized boxer that lacks basic training. She is in essence, a blank slate.

With all of her energy, Bella has mastered the art of jumping a fence and will escape a 4-5 foot fence.  For this reason, Bella’s ideal match is a home with a 6 foot wooden fence.  Bella does NOT do well with cats, so a home without a cat is a must.  She is a typical boxer in how she plays rough with other dogs.  For this reason, a home without small dogs or small children is best for Bella.  A playful male dog that likes to rough house may be ok.

Bella is currently at a boarding kennel awaiting a foster or forever home. If you would like to foster or adopt Bella, please complete the applications under the appropriate tabs  found at our website at the top of the homepage.

Please check our Thank you Supporters post for specific details of fostering. You can also call us at 856-889-0832 if you have any questions….Bella is waiting for you!