First of all, Thank you to all who continue to frequent our website.  In just the last 4 months, we have had over 13,000 hits! This tells us we are reaching many, many people and we would hope that some of you, after reading  Millie’s story below will either consider adopting Millie or reach out to someone you know that would be a perfect home for her….we know with so many supporters of our rescue out there, there is at least one perfect match for Millie!

Millie is a 3 year old, fun-loving, fawn boxer, just as sweet and as cute as can be!  Millie walks well on a leash, is spayed and up to date on her vaccines.  Please read Millie’s special story below:                                                                  

Millie is coming from a home where she was very well cared for.  She wasn’t abused or neglected.  To the contrary she is very loved by her owner who spent countless hours and dollars visiting vet after vet, trying medication after medication until Millie was properly diagnosed with a medical condition. You see, Millie has nephrogenic diabetes insipedis.  Because of this condition, Millie has to “pee pee” every hour to hour and a half.  Millie’s owner has to leave her in a basement during the day because there is not a way for her to get outside to “pee pee” when her owner is at work.  At night, her owner gets up with her  throughout the night to take Millie out because it isn’t possible based on where they live to install a doggy door at her residence. We certainly sympathize and understand that realistically, this is an impossible task for anyone to continue indefinitely. Let me make it perfectly clear, Millie knows when she has to go outside, therefore she wouldn’t have accidents in a home if she had a means to get outside to do her business.  Also, her medical issue is not that she has a urinary “leaking” problem, to the contrary, she knows when she must go out. Now think about it, with a doggy door, Millie could go in and out as needed to potty, how much easier can it get than that?

She is on medication now that costs under $15 a month. Millie is a vibrant little 3 year old typical boxer, full of life and wiggles and enjoys the company of people and other dogs.  If you would like to adopt this special little girl, or know of a home that might be a great match for her, please call (856) 889-0832 or email us at fassasfriends@gmail. com. Also, if you would share her info far and wide to help this little girl find a home that can accommodate her needs, wont you please consider spreading the word about her.

All of us who look at rescue sites to adopt a dog in need have to agree, Millie is certainly one in need of a perfectly matched home. Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue is determined to find her that perfect home, even if it means we must pay for the right home to obtain and install a doggy door for Millie.  To that end, if the perfect home is you, and the only obstacle is you don’t have a doggy door…..we will pay for that.  If you are not the right match of a home for her, but you would like to assist in helping us pay for a doggy door to be installed at her new terrific forever home, please go to our donate (pay pal) button.