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Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Place: Pitman Avenue (across from the library)

On sale will be our signature slumped bottles and bags of home made dog cookies.   There is of course, food vendors, doggie bakery vendors, arts and crafts vendors galore.

There will be over 200 vendors and a shuttle bus is available from Sony Music on Woodbury-Glassboro Road.

Please come visit with Princess (our greeter) from 12:30 – 1:30 and with Honey from 2:30 – 3:30 and give them a snuggle.

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Magood went to the vet at 5:30 tonight for more extensive xrays for surgery tomorrow. After the more extensive xrays, it was determined that Magoo’s femur injury was too old of an injury and surgery is not an option. The vet decided it best to let that injury continue to heal on it’s own. That one leg will be shorter than the others and he will walk with a limp. The fractured pelvis is also healing and the vet recommended nothing be done at this time with his pelvis. Therefore at the moment we do not need any more donations for Mr. Magoo.
🐶Thank you, Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue🐶

OUR COVER BOY'S LEG! Hi fb Friends! Our Cover Boy, Mr. Magoo has a brorken leg! The surgery to repair his leg is $2,000. The bottom part of the femur shifted therefore the top and bottom began to fuse together on the side. The vet will separate the two broken bones and repair the break. Mr. Magoo will be as good as new after surgery. At the moment he is not using his broken leg because it is aprox. 4" shorter than the rest! WE are asking for any donations you can possibly give. Please keep in mind all small donations add up to one big one! Please click on the donate button on this page or our website; or mail a check made out to Fassa's Friends Boxer Rescue, PO Box 8763 Turnersville, NJ. 08012. The surgeons for Magoo are highly recommended! Let's give this happy, sweet shelter boy the best start ever! Thank you for your Support!

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Meet Clyde.  Clyde is approximately 1 year old.  They refer to him as a "Pocket Boxer" because he is so very small and petite.  He weighs approx. 42 lbs.  Clyde has a sad story to tell.  He was found by animal control chained to a tree with no food, water or shelter. ...

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Please meet Gracie.  Gracie is a one year old, Boxer/Great Dane mix.  Gracie is one of many animals that were/are in a hoarding home.  Hoarders are typically people with big hearts with a need of  trying to save as many animals as possible.  The more animals a hoarder...

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